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Information on measures to combat and contain the spread of COVID-19

In order to protect the health of the people present inside the structure and guarantee the healthiness of the environment, we inform you that we have adopted some precautionary measures, as required by current regulations.
In implementation of these measures, we inform you that entry is not allowed:

- in the event that it is positive for Covid-19, or is in any case subject to the quarantine measure;

- in the event that in the last 14 days he has had contact with subjects who tested positive for Covid-19 or comes from areas at risk according to the indications of the WHO;

- if you have fever (over 37.5 ° C) or other flu symptoms. In the event of the onset of such symptoms after your entry into the facility, you must promptly inform the company manager, taking care to remain at an adequate distance from the people present,
and notify your family doctor and health authority.

By entering the facility, you undertake to comply with all the provisions of the Authorities and company rules, and in particular to maintain a safe distance, wear a mask when necessary, observe the rules of hand hygiene and maintain correct behavior in terms of hygiene.

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